The Ford Ranger is a new mid-sized pickup that is known for its ruggedness. Learn more about the Ranger and discover why it is so popular among drivers in Mount Carmel, IL.

The new Ford truck offers exceptional towing capabilities and provides a smooth ride while hauling because of its Independent A-Arm Front Suspension. The shock absorbers provide consistent, even steering, and are especially designed for rough roads. Accordingly, you will notice less bouncing while driving off-road or hauling heavy loads.

The Ranger's sturdy steel frame and bumpers also make it durable for off-road driving. Made from high-strength steel, the frame has six strategically-placed cross members that provide support and help the truck maintain its stability. The steel frame also provides added protection in the event of a crash or rollover.

Stop by to learn more about the Ranger's benefits and features. Here at J. Wilderman Autoplex, we invite you to test drive a new Ranger soon.


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