Ford Fusion - Technology at its Finest

Drivers who are all about technology usually find the 2018 Ford Fusion the perfect choice in a vehicle. The new Fusion is a popular midsize sedan for many reasons, including its great fuel economy, safety features, performance and cutting-edge technology. Stop at J. Wilderman Autoplex and see for yourself what this popular car has to offer.

The new Ford Fusion is truly technology at its finest from the FordPass to the EcoSelect and EcoCruise features. FordPass allows you to unlock/lock the vehicle remotely, find parking places, compare fuel prices and get important vehicle information. With EcoSelect and EcoCruise activated, the Fusion will adjust and modify your driving so you get the maximum efficiency regardless of the climate or road conditions.

If you’re still not convinced the Fusion is what you want, pay us a visit at our dealership and take it out for a test drive.



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